Need some help to change a path

My work PC is ‘rigged’ to use a network location for the default Document folder. Payne in *** if you ask me. I manually added my own document folder on C disc.

Anyways. This network location is going to go. I never used it directly but KiCad used it as a default locations (I must have clicked next next next too fast during installation). I was about to shift delete the lot, than I noticed that there was a KiCad directory with kicad 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 directories. Almost everything was empty with the exception of a certain JLCPCB plugin which contained about 6.7GB of JLCPCB’s entire component database.

Where in KiCad must I change which path to a location of my choosing?

Kind regards :coffee:


I think those plugins would be those in KICADn_3RD_PARTY, check your path configuration.