Need PCB Fab House Suggestions

I prefer supporting local but have been using PCBWay for prototypes of 20 to 50 because the cost savings is just too big (local get acceptably competative for 500 lot and up).

I’ve been very pleased with quality (albeit my boards have been low tech), but i did learn a couple things in the process:

  1. A 2 day fab doesn"t matter compared to shipping time, and the estimated shipping time doesn’t include weekends, or at least a day after fab before the shipper picks up (and if the shipper picks up late in the day, that day doesn’t count either).

  2. If you need to have the boards marked with UL flammability (“94V-0”), you will need to explicitly request marking whereas domestic fabs tend to assume without asking.


My work has used many PC board houses over the years, based on our customers’ decisions.
Two companies I know we have used for production quantities of boards have been Active Sales and Aurora Circuits (Kalmus & Associates).

I’ve had very good experiences with PCBWay. I would recommend them.

Compared to JLCPCB I especially like the bespoke approach - the personal customer care agent (always the same person you deal with), the checks they do on your design… even if you don’t pay for extra consultation, they do a certain amount of basic checks, and ask you “are you sure, dude?” rather than just producing something as ordered that won’t work.

In Europe I’ve had good experiences with Eurocircuits. Their web ui and fabrication possibilities are a step up from their Chinese competitors, if you have more complicated designs (8+ layers, blind/buried vias, etc) then I think you’ll get more support from this kind of supplier.

Note: I’m just a amateur PCB maker, by no means a pro…

Another thought: in the states, check out Microtype engineering. Kyle from Microtype runs a popular YouTube channel on PCB design and fabbing, and if you join his Discord I’m sure the people there will have plenty of advice on this topic, probably with a more US focus.


I use PCBWay for years now and I’m very pleased. I’ve tried also their PCBA service for complex boards (more than 10 layers with BGAs) and I was amazed about the quality.

The shipping + manufacturing turnaround for a 2 layers board didn’t exceed a week for Canada (24h for manufacturing and 4 to 6 days DHL shipping)but now the DHL service is a bit delayed.

I kindly recommend them.
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I have used OSHPark a number of times. Very good boards and prices are OK, but not like the “China” board prices. I have gone to pcbway and to jlcpcb. I had one set from pcbway designed from someone else. They were very cheap and looked good. Shipping around $20.00. I designed a simple Pi fan hat. Price was good, but delivery is taking forever. Could be because of the Ukraine war. Those boards are from pcbway. I just tried Jlcpcb. Price very good and shipping prices about the same as pcbway. Boards not fabricated yet. Shipper for pcbway is not someone I ever heard of. Shipper for Jlcpcb is DHL. It least it is someone that I have heard of and gotten shipments through before. We will see. Hope this helps.

I used JLCPCB for around 10 designs, qttys between 5 and 10, sizes 30x40mm to 150 x 100mm, 2 sides, with generous traces and clearances, I was satisfied with th e product.

Shiping by DHL it took a week to Miami.

for me i have been using
Steps In PCB Fabrication Process: PCB Manufacturing technique - Engineering Technical - PCBway
to do my fabrication and the outcome is awesome

I’d like to think the same amount of effort went in to making my boards as I spent designing them. I use EuroCircuits in the EU; I’d use OSHPark if I were state-side.

My two cents:
Eurocircuits is awesome, at least in the EU, just as @JeffYoung mentioned. Check them out if you order from inside EU. I don‘t know if they deliver worldwide. They do a pooling-service: if you order say three pcs, they mount your pcb on a hughe panel mixed with other orders. That way one-time-costs split over many customers. You can order 1000 nevertheless. Automated pcb analysis showes you any problem before ordering. Works like a charme.

I think they all do panelisation of different orders because of the large size of the panel. If you look at videos of the process there’s someone who’s job is to solve the 2D knapsack problem to fit different orders on the panel. That’s why they offer bargain prices for jobs below 10x10 cm so that they can use them as “fillers”. And also why the quantities are quantised to multiples of 5.

I use ALLPCB and JLCPCB , I find both very good , good customer service , high quality. These companies are big with serious production gear and a lot of automated systems. That’s how they get the lower price. All small order pcbs are panelised with other customers. It’s works cause these guys are handling volumes that US and EU pcb guys can only dream about.

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