Need help with Kicad and i3

Hey all -

I’m running Arch Linux and have Kicad v5 installed. The Window Manager is i3.
Since I am using a tiling window manager, I need some help with 2 modules.

The following is what I have in my i3 config file. So what I am doing is this; the main application is not floating (meaning it will use a full tile and not be movable.
My intention is to allow each of the modules below the first line to be set to floating. This will allow me to “move” the window around the screen.
The lines between the stars (*) are the ones I can’t seem to get to cooperate.
To define the floating window, you need to determine the class and sometimes the window title or the instance (as seen below) in order to have it work as I intend it to do.

So the real question on the 2 remaining modules (and since they “should” be called from within another module, what are the instances (or binaries) that are actually called.
I suspect it may be just some scripting opposed to what is listed below (for example, gerbview and pl_editor).

Any help in determining the names of the modules in question would be greatly appreciated!!!

Cheers and thank you in advance!!!

*** Settings for Kicad
for_window [class=“Kicad”] floating disable
for_window [class=“Kicad” title=“Eeschema$”] floating enable border normal
for_window [class=“Kicad” title=“Pcbnew$”] floating enable border normal

*** These two below are not yet configed for floating due to the unknown called app
for_window [class=“Kicad” instance=“Symbol Library Editor$”] floating enable border normal
for_window [class=“Kicad” instance=“Footprint Editor$”] floating enable border normal
*** End the two lines that are not yet working correctly

for_window [class=“Gerbview” instance=“gerbview”] floating enable border normal
for_window [class=“Bitmap2component” title=“Bitmap to Component Converter$”] floating enable border normal
for_window [class=“Pcb_calculator” title=“PCB Calculator$”] floating enable border normal
for_window [class=“Pl_editor” instance=“pl_editor”] floating enable border normal

Unlike gerbview footprint and symbol editors are not separate binaries.
Pcbnew end eeschema do have separate binaries but unless you run it standalone they will just popup under kicad process as separate windows (frames). Same with fooprint and symbol editors, they are windows that get spawned by whatever process created them: most of the time kicad, but can be spawned from pcbnew standalone for example.

I’m not sure how tiling WMs work so can’t offer any concrete advice but have you tried class=“Kicad” title=“Footprint Editor$” combination?

Ah - thanks for the reply! You are stating exactly what I was assuming on the 2 remaining modules. And to your latter suggestion, I have tried several combinations to get them to work as I would hope. But in the end since the 2 modules are spawned via other apps, this is something I may just need to live with when it comes to tiling window managers.

LOL - this would not be an issue I suspect if I were running a environment like Gnome etc.
But I just can’t see myself giving up just yet :wink:

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