Need Help With FM Demodulator Circuit

I am just starting with creating schemtics and circuit boards, and this is my first time using KiCAD (or any similar program for that matter.)

I have “appropriated” a couple of circuits I found online, into one that will demodulate an FM signal from a 10.7mhz (IF) signal. As this was my first attempt using KiCAD, the learning curve was steep, but I think it is finished, if not really close.

I would like to ask the forum’s assistance in looking at the PCB and Schematic, to correct any issues that I simply have no idea are issues due to my inexperience. I don’t think I can post the file yet, but can make it available, perhaps by PM or link or email.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

You are far more likely to get a lot of useful feedback if you are able to publish your complete project somewhere. You could probably put it in a git repo and stuff it somwhere, for example github, gitlab etc.

No doubt. Here is a link, hope people can access it. And here is a second link. Not sure which, or if, they will work.

Thank you, it looks like your design is pretty simple, you could probably also add a screenshot or two of it to catch peoples attention. :slight_smile: Sorry, I don’t have time to review it.

No worries, thanks for the help.

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