Need Help with adding field in symbol properties and footprint properties

I need to add field to both the symbol and the footprint
I need it to be automatically added to the footprint properties, how can I do that?

The Screenshot’s below should get you what you want…

Basically, you Create a Text-Variable in either Footprint, PCB or Schematic.

Then, to use it, in PCB and/or Schematic, place the Variables Text (with identical syntax) via using the Text_Icon

The Footprint
Below was done by placing the variable’s into the Footprint during creation of the Footprint…

This was done via using the Text-Icon (just type variable with ${correct syntax, $ and brackets}. It will replace with the Substitutions previously created…

After defining the Text Variables, Placing Text in Schematic, will present a Pop-Up after entering the "${ " Place text in PCB the same way but, there is No Pop-Up (on my v6.10 version). But, still works by typing it…

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See this thread: Share some values in "Library Symbol Properties" between eeschema and pcbnew - #4 by eelik

You add a field to the symbol (Type in your example) and then you add a field to the footprint and give it a value ${<symbol field name>}, which for you would be ${Type}.

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Thanks, problem solved.

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