Need help to create a LED-Matrix

I need help for a LED_SMD_WS2812B_PLCC4-Matrix!
First, here are the infos:

  1. 1058 WS2812B-LEDs
  2. Not directly the WS2812B-LEDs, they are in modules(there’s one difficulty:)
  3. The modules should be LEGO-Like(the thingys are the contacts), but how I make this in KiCAD?
  4. HOW THE F#CK I USE CAPACITORS RIGHT?!(the word with the “#” is with it because my head hurts from thinking how to do this)

Here a Notice:
Rightnow i can only use KiCAD 7.0.11. only with copy-pastet footprints from demo-projects and my own footprints, i update KiCAD to 8.0.0. on Saturday!

Here’s the PCB-Layout:

And can someone here understand German? Its hard for me to write in English!

Thanks to all helping me! :smiley:

Are you a robot? Didn’t you schlep that same nonsensical “pcb layout” picture somewhere else recently? Is this just a chat-NFG experiment to see how many humans answer the weird stream of babble you spew?

its the same picture i used it here and it is from me, and no im not a robot, im only tired

here’s the picture from my topic I grab it from:

You can write your question in German but please provide a translation into English next to it, even if you create this from a translation software.

so can anybody help me?

Are you trying to create something like a LED strip?

nope an music system with a W2812B-LED-audio-Spectrum, but A matrix is, i think, like LED-strips connected

the heart of the project is a RPi 4B, and 6 or more PCB’s for the case and the funktion

with two Blaupunkt AL130-Speakers(about 20 years old)

We do want to help, but you have to give a better description of what it is you need help with.
Apparently you want something with a “matrix” (An array?) and I see a screenshot with something circular. KiCad can draw both circular and rectangular arrays. Is that what you want? What have you tried? Where do you get stuck?

This is NOT an electonics design forum!

this is a older picture, her are some newer pictures:

the one in the 3D-Viewer is for you to know that the circles are holes for the Speakers.

on the one zoomed in you can see the footprints that I made, and on the pads they should have LEGO-like thingys(how do I call them right?) out of copper, but i have a idea how to make it!

and the first picture: the area that has a bunch of Netlines is the area who displays the audio-volume and other stuff like balance L-R, etc.

And for the matrix: I only say Adafruit Neopixel-matrix!

and I need help to understand how capacitors work and how to use it!

if you need more specific infos or descriptions, let me know!

Buy one from Aliexpress, the sites full of LED matrices using RGB addressable LEDs pretending to be audio spectrum analysers. Or slow down a bit and do some design engineering, I say this as I would love to help but I’m struggling to understand your Idea and it has nothing to do with mine or your native tongue.

This is not a beginners project. LED arrays have extra challenges like cooling.
You need to learn some basic electronic design, which this forum is not the place.

Always I make the things that are bot for beginners, but after one or two months i understand it completly!