Need help making and saving footprints and symbols

Hello All,
I wonder if it’s possible for someone to list the steps (click on) of going about making a “Footprint” and saving it in a Library then using “Symbol Editor” to make symbol and saving that??

I’ve been trying to do this for about 2 to 3 weeks!! I just don’t understand it to save my Life!!!

Anybody live near Elmira, NY?? Pay you to come and show me how to do this!!! haha

If you get stuck with Rene’s FAQ articles, then start a new thread, show us how far you have come with screenshots and try to make a description of what step you are trying and expecting to happen.

A better explanation than Rene’s FAQ articles would be hard to write, and if they don’t work then a longer description is also likely to fail

As you do not give details where you are stuck I can only guess.

One option is you tried to save your lib assets to the system lib which is write protected for good reasons. (The next update would overwrite your changes) You need to make a personal library to hold your personal assets.

But you might be stuck at some other step. So here my tutorials:

After you understood that process you might want to decide how you want to organize your personal libs. There is no one right answer as different workflows require different organization schemes.

And in case the question really is about how to get downloaded assets into KiCad:

**Hi there, I to am having great difficulty with creating footprint(s) and then the Symbol associated with it. ! It’s just too much for me!
I finally can do a schematic and then the PCB. I now come up with just one error that’s bogus after running ERC!!!
Tried to do Copy & Paste (Snipping) of doing a FootPrint but it just copied text and not the graphics as you see it.
This has caused me to say Goodbye to PCB Software!!
Thank you to all people on here that tried to help me!!
So long

Despite both my and Rene’s request for a description on where you get stuck, you have given us no information whatsoever, and without that we can not help.

Also in this thread you complain a lot:

In your whole rant there is exactly 0.0 information which others can use to guide you to a solution.

This classical text may be a good read for you:

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