Need help and advice for my project!

I have a BIIIIIG project: a DIY music system with over 400 WS2812B LEDs(LED_WS2812B_PLCC4_5.0x5.0mm_P3.2mm), controlled by a Raspberry Pi 4B, featuring two Blaupunkt AL130 speakers (a bit over 20 years old), and a Waveshare Raspberry Pi display (SPI).

I decided to make the case completely out of PCBs, here is a picture of the front:

I had placed 410 WS2812B LEDs, but had another idea(now comes an explanation):

Make LEGO-like components with WS2812B LEDs!

This gave me the question: How should I make them?
Than I had a nicer idea: make them in a way, that I could grab them, place them, and with a ‘click’-sound like when you insert a micro sd-card into a mp3-player or a Nintendo Switch, they are fixed, and if I accidentally click on them, nothing happens.

So, have anyone have an idea how to make it, PCB-themed?
Thanks for everyone who helps, give tips etc!

Sorry Noel, but this is a forum about using KiCAD software not how to design projects. I doubt you’ll get a satisfactory response.

There are much better web sites out there who will be able to help you eg EEVBLOG’s forum is excellent.

If and when you have a design and tried to use KiCAD and able to post your schematic and still have problems using KICAD aot more people will help you out

I don’t really know how i can make this modules(PCB-themed), so I wrote this question. and if i sometime have a bad English: i understand it, but… my English is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: bad! the most of the time I’m writing, I let ChatGPT translate from German to English! but i can edit it, only for the questions i need help for in this project. and for the other stuff I wrote that just comes out as it does, that was just an explanation, it’s just me, I sometimes do that automatically! and on schematics I haven’t dared to do it yet!