I am trying to create an enclosure for an open source device… I have Catia V5 but cannot figure out how to use KICAD for the life of me.

If someone can walk me through how to open and convert the model located in the link provided below or just provide a .step file of the contents, I’d really appreciate it! I must admit, I don’t even know what exists in this location. For all I know its just schematics. Please help!


What you linked to is just a repository of assets to be used for designing PCBs. It is not a finished PCB project. Sort of like you pointed to a box of Lego parts for many models, not a completed Lego Death Star.

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gotcha, thanks! Like I said, I had no idea what was in there. :frowning: I guess my search continues elsewhere!
Thanks for helping me mark that off my list!

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