NC pins layout, please help


I have NC pins (means “no connect.”) on schematic and on layout. But that pins on the layout is a floating island. That needs to be fill pour.
How to do that?


Do not make them “NC” but put them on the same net as the pour, e.g. VCC or GND (Or give the pins a label?)


it should not be connected to VCC or GND. Only to no-net connection I guess


If I understand correctly, you have some “No Connect” pins that you actually want connected together. If this is the case, these are not truly “No Connect” pins, as Kicad would see tying these together as a rule violation. Follow @theopensourcerer’s advice and change the pins from NC and tie them together in the schematic with some net name like “NC-Float”. This should then let you make connections with a pour in the layout.


These two statements, without further clarification, make your question impossible to answer.

I have a part in my design that has 5 unused pins that are specified to leave disconnected from everything. Those not-connected pads end up as little islands.

New component: MAX9814, footprint, pin names etc

Can you explain more. Generally NC means do not connect. If they are used for heatsink purposes, it is better to rename the pins something else like substrate etc that makes sense