Narrow tracks if printed mirrored

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to print PCB layout from KiCad after routing and I need to mirror the top copper layer.
For some reason it prints all track very narrow (see attachment). Tracks have proper width if printed without mirroring.

How to fix that?

KiCad V5 [x64] on Windows 7 [x64]

Are you using the ‘Print’ dialogue or the ‘Plot’ dialogue? Plotting is more accurate - you can then chose your output format - e.g… pdf (and mirror your output as needed).

I was using the “Print” dialog for direct printing, but now - “Plot”.
Yes, it solved the problem.

P.S. Is there any functionality in KiCad for printing several copies of PCB on one page? Like Sprint Layout has.

Several copies - not as a direct feature in KiCad but there are a couple of workarounds. You can import multiple projects into one layout in ‘stand alone mode’. Alternatively there is at least one action script for duplicating layouts. Using the PDF output should allow you to print multiple copies per sheet depending on your printer driver.

Alternatively have a look for panelisation in the forum. There have been several posts about it.

There was this recent write-up on Hackaday too.

The print dialog is a bit more powerful for direct printing as one can scale independent in x and y direction. So it might be a good idea to raise this as a bug.

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