Não consigo routear a trilha de par diferencial do MCu para o conector USB

Estou com dificuldade para routear uma trilha par diferencial entre um MCU e um conector USB, ja configurei a impedancia e a largura da trilha, mas mesmo assim, quando clico no pad que iniciaria a trilha, os pads ficam em destaque mas não consigo desenhar a tirlha. Alguem tem ideia do q eu posso estar fazendo de errado?

Google translate.

I’m having trouble routing a differential pair track between an MCU and a USB connector, I’ve already configured the impedance and width of the track, but even so, when I click on the pad that would start the track, the pads are highlighted but I can’t draw the tirling. Does anyone have any idea what I may be doing wrong?

Clicking on a pad just selects it. It does not start a track.
Starting a normal track is usually done with the shorcut key "x"
Starting a differential pair is usually done with [Alt + 6]

For differential routing to work, you also need to use a naming convention for the net labels. For more details read the manual. It’s translated in some 10+ languages, and you should be able to get to it with Help from the KiCad menu.

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