n4148 diode foot print?

Hello everyone, is n4148 not part of the standard Kicad library? I have used the generic diode part for my schematic. And now I am assigning foot prints for my parts. I just can’t find n4148. I’d assume it would be in the standard library. Perhaps it’s not as popular as I thought.

Any help would be appreciated!

Think there might be two bits of confusion here:

  1. Do you mean the 1N4148?
  2. Are you looking for the schematic symbol or the footprint? The 1N4148 (which I assume what you want) is actually available in a wide range of package types: http://parts.io/search/term-1n4148/Class-Diodes/Category-Signal%20Diode?Manufacturer%20Part%20Number=1n4148*

Since you say you have it in your schematic already, you should check to see which footprint you will be using. That’s ultimately what you will associate in CvPcb.

Thanks for response. I am looking for the footprint of 1N4148. I used the no-name generic diode for my schematic.
My question really was is 1N4148 included in the footprint library? I wasn’t able to find it. Thank you!

Yep, I get that. But what kind of part is it? Through hole? Surface mount? There is no such thing as “a footprint for 1N4148” because like in that link I showed, there are tons of types of footprints for parts named 1N4148. These are generic footprints names that apply to a lot of components. If you’re coming from the EAGLE world, this point can be a little confusing because everything is tied together (1N4148 would be a combined footprint/symbol).

Do you have a picture of the 1N4148 you’re trying to use? Or a project you’re using as a reference point for your project? Or maybe even the application this 1N4148 will go into? (i.e. a diode bridge for power rectification)

So what you need to find for the part you’re using is the package you’re using, then that package in KiCad is what you use. It’s unlikely you’ll have a footprint that’s exactly called 1N4148 The value of that part can then be changed on the board to reflect 1N4148,


Ah, thank you very much for the parts.io link. I realized this was an incredibly dumb question. I found the part type (DO35) that matches what I have!

Thank you :wink:

Sweet, did exactly that. Sorry it took me a while to get it. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad you got it. I hope my tone wasn’t harsh, as this can be a difficult concept to get across.

If you don’t mind me asking, did you previously use EAGLE? Was that part of the confusion?

I have used Eagle here and there just to check the schematics. So I am not a power user at all. That said, I don’t think I have to pick the footprint for my parts in Eagle. I pick whatever the library I use, and I stick with that library from schematics to PCB design. In other words, I pick the part (which I think have the footprint already associated with it) when I work on the schematic. In Kicad, how it is done is I pick the part and later choose the correct footprint.

It all makes sense now. And I was quite literally playing with Kicad between my meals. Hence the self-inflicted confusion.

Thank you!

Generic part names is just an endless source of problems.

It is true as you say that the parts in open domain very often have a loosely coupled or not a coupled footprint at all.

Leaving you to try to sort this out in cvpcb.

It’s a drawback that many tries to describe as a feature.

On can only wish for it to go away.

You can tightly couple a footprint to your part in the symbol /part editor in the parts fields.

I do this and I never enter cvpcb, it’s not needed.

Hm… I’m really curious if @b1gtuna will reply on that one… 14 months is a long time on the internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And cvpcb does offer a flexibility I’m 100% certain it will stay with KiCAD. Just ignore it and you won’t grow more grey hair :wink:

Why coupling is a bad idea. In the coupled library way, you have to use the full part number, maybe including some text description, as the same part number from TI and NXP may be a completely different package.
This is where you might want a private to the project library, with one project using DO-35 and another SC-70

My ti parts are in my Ti lib
My nxp pats are in my NXP lib

so are their respective footprints in the TI and NXP footprint directories

there will never be a confusion

at least not for me

i do not have a “Diodes” library

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One manufacturer calls a part xyz and the other does chose the very same name… KiCAD will get confused and always give you the part in the library that is listed first in the kicad.pro file.
As long as you’re aware of that, cool.

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Then kicad needs to shape up

As simple as that.

Or it can scrap its library concept.

Thanks for the info tough, I as unaware of this.
But I doubt it will bite me as when I refer to a part name, it includes all nitty gritty letter apart from packaging in some cases.

I recently came across a part number which was the TSSOP variant from one manufacturer and VSSOP from another, different pitch etc

@Andy_P is referring to ‘internal house part numbers’ as ‘fully qualified part numbers’… he’s not using manufacturer part numbers to identify parts in the libraries.
I do the same.
The difference between me and Andy is that he doesn’t carry the manufacturer number in an extra field in KiCAD, but instead runs external scripts with lists that create him a BOM (they have the link between internal part number and manufacturer part number), where as I use @devbisme’s KiCost, so I got a ‘manf’ and ‘manf#’ field in KiCAD.
Andy’s solution is more flexible (for groups), where as mine is good enough for a 1-man show :wink: