My suggestion for RF_Shielding footprints


Last line at KiCad|Librarian|Contribute says:
“Many of the librarians can also be contacted on the KiCad user forums.”
So I decided instead of trying to follow what there is said how to get there just here write my two suggestions about RF_Shielding footprints. I don’t suppose I will have any other suggestions regarding footprints.

My suggestions:

  1. Make all this footprints to show how they block access to PCB when soldered.
  2. Consider designing symbol (and may be footprint) for shielding covers.

I used BMI-S-210-F 5 years ago. When I designed my footprint I thought I have to see where are the metal going over my elements (the cross with round field in the centre).
For me it was important because of two reasons.
Under BMI-S-210 I put microcontroller + serial EEPROM + serial Flash + RTC.
Next to microcontroller I put the 2mm high socket for PDI programming. Seeing that metal cross of shield helps to put it at position that will be possible to connect to it after PCB assembly.
My RTC has 0.2F capacitor. It is TH and is on oposite side of PCB and soldered manually after reflow soldering of everything together with shielding. To place this 0.2F to have good access to its pins for soldering I found also usefull to see the forbidden regions.

Ad 2.
To generate BOM from schematic it is usefull to place there a symbol for RF frame and for its cover.
I don’t know yet if KiCad makes you a problems if the symbol has no right footprint. If yes I think the footprints for shielding cowers may also be required.


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