My plugins do not work in current nightly

All of my plugins do NOT work with the 5.99. And I can’t seem to find anyone to knows how to make it work.

Can you point me at your plugins, I want to for this into a new thread and want to get the category right

I’m currently using the latest nightly, and I put all the plugins under the 5.99 folder:

and the plugins are not found in kicad pcb. they are pretty important, and I do a lot of work in Kicad.

You need to put these plugins 1 folder higher, directly in .../scripting/plugins

Keep in mind that certain plugins will not work with recent nightlies.

I downgraded back to version 5, looked in the APP-DATA folder, and the /scripting/plugins just is not there. does the folder have to be created? I thought it should already be done.
Just disastrous. I really want Kicad to work, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Nevermind it worked!!! Thank you.

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Are you referring to the Windows %APPDATA% folder? I don’t think a plugins folder is automatically created there. The system-level location for plugins is in

  • KICAD_INSTALL\share\kicad\scripting\plugins

From within the Scripting Console, you can execute the following two commands to see the directories used:

import pcbnew

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