My logo is disapearing when I update the PCB - KiCad v5.1.6

I created a logo in the footprints library, when I update the PCB the logo disappears so I guess its better to create a symbol for it, add it to the schematics and so it will be there each time I update the PCB. But I’m having trouble creating a symbol for my logo, I’ve created an empty symbol, associated the logo as footprint but it doesn’t get “pulled” into the PCB after updating. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?

You can also lock the logo footprint in PCBNew, that way it won’t be delete on updates.

I created the logo I show as you described in the second part, it does get placed in the PCB, could you tell us your kicad version ? (help->about->copy information in clipboard)

I hope this helps


Its v5.1.6, just edited the question to add it :slight_smile: the lock feature is good enough, but I turned around trying to understand why for the mounting holes it worked, there is a symbol with no pins in the schematics, I associated the good footprint and they get “pulled up” into the PCB and they stay there. So why doesn’t it work for a logo?

Do you update your board with "Update PCB from schematic … " (F8) menu options ? Is the library where your logo is located loaded in PCB New?

Yes, I click over the Update PCB from schematic button. The library is loaded and I can add it by hand. After adding by hand, when I update it goes away.

Is your symbol logos reference prefixed with #? Any symbol with such a prefix will be ignored in the BOM and for the footprint matching. V6 will have a symbol property instead of this prefixing hack.

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Ho, so that’s what the # is for…! I used an existing logo from KiCad library as an example and it had the # so I thought it was for logo stuff. Now its working! :smiley:

Apparently that symbol is meant for schematic-only logo.

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