My library in new release 5.1.0

Here we go again! I was able to verify it only yesterday, but with the last update downloaded it happened again: I lost the symbols I had created relating to the schematic (the prints of the PCB are all there, but in my library). This now means that if I open a pattern, it doesn’t find them anymore, and it makes me damn, obviously. But the real catch is that if I try to recreate them, it doesn’t let me save them in the system libraries (it tells me something about “… you don’t have permission to … contact the system administrator …” etc.) , and if I do it in a different bookstore then it doesn’t make me look for them there. Tips?

Never ever ever save any of your personal things in system files. This is why you lost them the last time around.
Create your own personal libs for your own personal symbols. I have written a detailed lecture about this: Library management in KiCad version 5

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Thank you, very interesting and comprehensive

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