My KiCad cannot import Net file

Hi there, nice to meet you here.
My question is my KiCad can’t import *.net file, I don’t why and how to fix t.
This *.net file is from OrCad.
Anybody can tell me why and how to fix it? please.

I believe Kicad will not import Orcad files directly

There is a thread here in this forum that discusses possible ways to import Orcad files.

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Hi jmk, thanks for your reply, I’ll check it follow forward.

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Is this .net file ascii text?

Thank you for reply.
I don’t know, I got that *.net file from other person.

Open it in any text editor and you will se if it is text or not.

Any Windows PC has Notepad
Notepad++ is a much better free and opensource alternative

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