My first schematic component is sized wrong

I am a Kicad newby. I created my first component for my first schematic in Kicad. The component works ok but something is goofy with it.

First of all, when I view the component in the Component Browser, it is small. There is a lot of “white space” around it. It does not fill the browser screen. Of course, I can zoom in to see it better, but if I select the zoom auto button it zooms out again.

Secondly, when I insert it into a schematic, it seems like the large amount of “white space” around the component causes a problem. If I try to erase another component that is a couple inches away from the component I created, the schematic editor asks which component I am trying to delete. It should be obvious, I did not click on my new component, I clicked on another component.

Is it possible I placed some sort of invisible thing in my component that causes it to be bigger than it appears to be? If so, how do I find and delete this thing?

It sounds like it but I don’t know what/who that would happen. Did you start from scratch or did you modify an existing part? Try and open it in the editor again and use “e” in that white space or at the edge of the white space to see if it thinks there is something to edit? A screen shot may help.

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My first thought is you accidentally placed either a graphic object with zero size or an empty text, which should be impossible but would definitely cause this if it weren’t. Any chance you could share your files?

Thanks guys. I found the problem. I actually did place two things that I didn’t want in my component. They weren’t invisible, but they were very small. It took me quite a while to find them. I really appreciate your help.

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