MY FIRST PCB for Solar 18650 battery control

I just completed my first PCB and I will use a single layer but I need to be sure that I am doing the correct thing about the soldering side - I have design all my vias to conect on the bottom and solder the pins of all he components on the bottom side and the components with pins loaded from the top side … I am assuming that is the correct way … I do not want to solder anything on the top part of the board just have the components and the silk names

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It seems to me that with “vias” you actually mean a through hole pad, no? Since it is a single layer board there are no “vias” as such. It sounds ok from what you describe but why not upload a picture or two and have us have a look at it for better helpful comments?

There is no advantage to single layer PCBs except for really high volume white goods and there are many downsides.
Two layers with the components on only one side is s common choice

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Yes, there is an Advantage to using Single-Layer, if making your own PCB’s via Etching or Milling.

I mill my PCB’s and don’t like hassling with position-registration and flipping the board. When Vias are needed, I simply use a thru-Hole and a tail-end of a resistor/other, soldered to both sides of board.

Thus, I prefer using Single-Sided and Jumper’s where needed (thus eliminating need for Vias).

Images of KiCad-3D View and Actual hardware…

avrisp Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 12.49.39 PM

Yes through hole pad … I may set up on a 2 layer is easier for me

Thanks for the info appreciated

Thanks for the info appreciated … yes it is an advantage but in my case will be lots of soldering so I will go on 2 layerrs and vias easier for me Thanks a lot … still under development maybe one more day o complete ???

You solder the conections or put a wire to conect ???

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If you are not making the PCB yourself, going to two layers is basically the same price as single layer and makes everything much more reliable, better both electrically and mechanically.

Not sure what your question about soldering relates to but this may clarify:

Regarding the board image I posted…
All parts and jumpers are on Front side of board.
All parts and jumpers are soldered on Back side of board.
No Vias, No need for position registration (to get thru-hole pads aligned).

I’ve made Double-Sided CNC-Milled and Etched boards but only if I can’t easily route single-sided boards or if needing too many jumpers. And, if one side etched ok but the other side needs fixing, then it’s just to bothersome (for me).

If Etching, I suggest transferring circuit to One side and drilling a couple of Thru-Holes (in pads) then use them to align the circuit on other side of board).

Image of Backside attached.


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