My first flex cable project (and 1st project in general)

Hi all. This is my 1st post in this forum and I am new to the KiCad. So be gentle :slight_smile:

I have an old Toshiba laptop for which the HDD flex cable broke. I am trying to build new one in KiCad so I can have it fabricated. Looks like this: P000245460 - Toshiba - HDD Flex Cable Connector | Impact Computers

My question is, is there maybe some finished Github projects that I can modify and not to build everything from scratch. Also I would need 2 new symbols, because drawing them from scratch would easy lead to mistake. So this PCB should have one JAE 40 pins connector on one side and a IDE 44 pins connector on the other side.
I would like to put them in KiCad and connect with wires. Also this should be a flex material not a hard PCB.

Any help highly appreciated! Thank you!


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Welcome to the forum…

I doubt you’ll find a user to do all the work for you.

Attached is a Baseline to start from - you’ll need to replace the connector footprints and create the traces and all the stuff you need.

Naturally, need to Re-Shape the Flex/PCB Edge-Cut drawing so, you have a good bit of learning and work ahead of you… You can search Mouser, Digi-Key, and others for the connectors. If you have the old part, look for Connector part-numbers

The zipped file also contains a couple of Screenshots… (not sure if the included .cache and lib’s contain stuff… (I didn’t bother to open the .zip) (2.4 MB)

Thx so much for your reply.
Of course, I am not looking that someone does the job for me, just not sure how to do this part with symbols. I can draw them, but for sure it will not be precise job and it can turn out to be a wrong in the end. For example, that the pins won’t align with the soldering place. This is the biggest problem.

Assuming you don’t create a Schematic (your choice) and just create the Flex/PCB:

Set the Grid to appropriate value for the correct Track spacing (it should match the correct Pad spacing for the Connectors).

With correct Grid and correct Connectors, the correct spacing will happen by itself…

If you add items not having that correct value, see if they are Multiple’s of that value. You can always change the grid setting but, do with caution and be aware that moving previously placed item may get re-positioned to the Grid. That is part of the learning curve.

(You can ‘Lock’ your placed items to minimize unwanted re-positioning)

You can get Minimum (other…) design details from the company you have make the Flex ( JLCPCB ) has good useful info…

ADDED: Be sure to set the correct Flex material you want…