Multiple tracks in trace length matching

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if there is a way to declare some group of signals for a specific length matching and others belongs to another length matching. It would be good if set them in the schematics eeschema, then using it in pcbnew. I hope to be clear. Thank you in advance

As far as I know there is no such thing in the current KiCad stable V5.1.x. There just is no way to convey such information from Eeschema to Pcbnew.

In KiCad-nightly V5.99 it is apparently possible to attach info such as track width and net classes to a net in Eeschema, and that info will be propagated to “Pcb Editor”. (Pcbnew has been renamed in V5.99) I have not experimented with this myself, and do not know which info can be forwarded from Eeschema to “Pcb Editor”.

Ok, thanks for the answer. I will do manually track by track. Is there any valuable tutorial on how to use trace length matching feature?

Length tuning starts at about 4:40. The first part is about differential pairs.

Or, very short:

  1. Draw the tracks.
  2. **Pcbnew / Route / Tune Track Length.
  3. Click a track and move mouse, meanders are added.
  4. While the “Tune Track Length” function is active, use the right mouse button to adjust settings.

Awesome, thanks I will try it tomorrow.

One more thing:
If you click on a pad to select it and then press e for edit, you get the pad properties edit window and you can enter a setting for “pad to die length”:

Hello gianlucarenzi,

In KiCad version V5.1.x, there is no such option to declare some group of signals for a specific length matching. We can only create groups of trace depending on the trace width, clearance, etc. The only option is to do length tuning individually for each net.

Yes, thank you. I tuned the length one by one.

For multiple tracks Lenght stats action plugin might come in handy

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