Multiple track widths on one net?

I can’t seem to figure it. I have an MCU connection going to two FETS, this is fine at 0.25, but the FETS to output should be 0.5. The layer settings appears to define one or the other. The only way this works is if I draw all in 0.25, then configure the layer settings to define it as 0.5 and go back and update the relevant tracks. This is clunky and means any new or track edits are 0.5.

Feel I’m missing something, but basically I want them a particular net in both groups.

The values in the chart define the minimum rules for entire nets. You can always choose a greater width for specific sections of a net by changing the properties on individual segments, either while you’re laying down the track to with “e” key (OpenGL View)


Ah ok, that’ll work. Perhaps this dialog should be called “Minimum Value Design Rules”, I was expecting to place both “0.25 and 0.5” in the right click “change track width” list for selection. “e” will work fine though!

In the global design rules tap you can add available track widths and via diameters.
You can simply add a 0.5 version and then switch to this track with when you lay down the track. (There is a drop down menu in to top toolbar. At least in 4.0.6)

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There is a shortcut key in 4.0.6 to switch the track width to the next in the list. It doesn’t roll back to beginning when it reaches the end (I wish it did).

Thanks for the tip, global design rules was what I needed!