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I have noticed this again, multiple selection in Footprint editor (for example to change some items layers) is not possible. In my opinion a “bug”, but can’t get to GitLab…Anyone else wants to report it?

Details below (Edit: Video deleted):

Footprint Editor Bug

I would call it a mssing feature (my definition for bug: something is working false), and yes, I also miss it. I think a gitlab-report is not needed, as the current development-version (v6.99 - nightly) already got an improvement for such tasks: the “Edit Text & graphics properties” - tool (same functionality as in the pcb-editor) was built into the FP-editor.
Also there is already the ongoing work on an item-properties-panel which should enhance the work with the parameters of multi-selected items.

Properties panel (WIP: Properties panel, rebased (!484) · Merge requests · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab) will be used to do what you want, so there is no reason to report this feature request.

Ok thanks, ibfeef, let’s wait and see then… I just looked in 6.99 and the thing you mention is there but I have no idea what it is or how to use it…

I just looked in 6.99 and the thing you mention is there but I have no idea what it is or how to use it…

It’s 95% the same as the “Edit Text & Graphics Properties”-Tool in the pcb-editor. It’s useful for bulk-changing parameters.
My usage:

  • select all items i want to change
  • open “Edit Text & Graphics Properties”-Tool
  • check all checkboxes top left (section Scope)
  • set checkbox “only incluse selected items”
  • set layer-field and/or line-width-field to desired layer/line-width
  • click OK

It’s better than the current “change one-item-a-time”-workflow, but I’m not really satisfied with this solution. So I’m also waiting for the property-inspector.

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Thanks for this info, though this time again as often in KiCad – so many extra roads to run/many options to do basic things…

Tried it now – the “Edit Text & Graphics Properties” method seems effective/powerful, may take some time to figure it all out but it seems promising – thanks for the tips!

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