Multiple schematics for one project


Suppose I have a project that I want to revise. Can I make a copy of the original .sch file, name it accordingly, and then put it in the same folder? Will this cause issues?


It depends on what you want to achieve. (You can have unused .sch files in the project folder but it might be hard to look up what they were.)

A better idea might be to have something like this (I like to have a good documentation even of stuff that i now think will not be relevant later on. One week after i delete the files i find out that i need them.):

  • Main Folder: [project name]
    • Subfolder: [project name]_v1
      • Project files for version 1
    • Subfolder: [project name]_v2
      • Project files for version 2

This way you keep the complete history and you can look up what your old pcbs where. (Assuming you produced the project from the current files.)
I have only files versioned in this manner that have been manufactured. The rest of my history is in the git repository.


A better idea would be to use local source control, then you would have more control over which versions of files were “visible” without cluttering your project with unused versions.

Check out subversion or Tortoise for Windows.


I’ve started using git for local version control, it’s as easy as svn, but much more flexible and powerful.


I’ve never found Tortoise to be lacking, it integrates nicely with Windows and I like being able to just copy the repository for both backups and having a copy on my portable drive.

I can’t speak for git haven’t used it for local version control.


I’ve used both, among others. svn was great, for it’s time. git has the advantage of being compatible with github.

Tortoise probably has a more friendly gui interface, git gui is a bit lacking.


As soon as you want to use stuff like branches you are better of with git.


Another good front-end for git is GitKraken.


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