Multiple pages in schematics one project

Hi all,
I have large electronic circuit to create in schematics. How can i increase number of pages to add circuits in consequent pages.

Thanks in advance

Add a hierarchical sheet (S)

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That is a bit of a terse (but correct) answer, and considering:

I strongly suggest you start with a dummy project (or plan to do your project over twice) while you are learning to work with hierarchical sheets. KiCad does not support a “flat” multi sheet schematic (yet) and learning to use hierarchical sheets effectively does take some practice. If you start doing this with a big project in your first attempt, you are likely to make silly mistakes which waste a lot of time to correct.

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…well, a hierarchical design with liberal use of global labels can resemble closely a ‘flat’ multi sheet:


Hierachical sheets is the way to go, but it does present extra work. Compared to working with an enormous schematic on an A0 sheet, it forces you to think about partitioning your schematic in a sensible way.
Which is a Very Good Thing.

You can regard your top-level sheet as your index keeping it all together, and diving into the different subcircuits on each sheet (that may have additional subsheets).

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