Multiple nets with the same name error. -

I have a schematic that is all screwed up.

It has been heavily edited, and sometime, somehow, somewhere it got screwed up. It looks fine, but the netlist is screwed up.

Two pins with nothing in common have the same net name, and it is a name that I cannot find called out on the sheet anywhere. But because it has the same name the netlist call it the same net and they should be connected.

Is there a way to blow away the net list, and let it generate a new one from the current connections?

I tried deleting the wire between two items, and redrawing a new one, and it came up with the same duplicate name.

The only thing I can think of is to start over with a blank schematic. It should go relatively fast as I have all the unique symbols drawn. But it is 4 pretty full pages.

You can try using the net highlighter in EESchema and highlight the net at one of the two pins you are concerned about. Then flip though all your pages looking at the highlighted net to hopefully see where the error is.

Since you say you have several hierarchical pages, one thing to watch out for is accidental connecting wires on a sheet object between two sheet pins.

I got bitten by that the other day. I had one ‘arrow’ label and one line label with the same name, even though I meant them to be different nets. I changed the name of one and the errors went away.

I once had a hierarchical design, where I had a hard to see wire linking two sheet pins, on top of the sheet box. I did raise a wishlist at the time that wires should not be permitted to do this as its so hard to see.

I wonder…I think it would be helpful if you could force a fix by assigning a net name to one of the problem nets. But KiCad 6.X seems to accept two net names on the same net.