Multiple function uC pins: is this modification to the AtMega32A acceptable?

Hi All,

I’ve adjusted the ATmega32A schematic symbol, so it includes the alternative pin functions.
See the screenshot below, and my fork:

Is this an acceptable way to do this?

The A of AVCC and the A from ADC0 overlap each other. How can I solve that? i didn’t want to move the AVCC pin, to avoid surprises while updating.

For the official lib we decided not to include alternative functions for version 5. The forum is however not the right place to discuss that. In v6 there is a better solution in the file format anyway (one can define alternative pin functions that can then be selected at design time). And as v5 development is closed we will most likely just directly go to the new feature (any volunteers to transfer all µCs?).

What you do with your personal symbols is up to you to decide :wink: One option would be to just make the symbol wider.

I use short names for top and bottom pins (G,V,AV in that case).

I am a volunteer to transfer some uC’s to the new way of implementing alternative functions, at the very least the uC’s I’m planning to use. Can you point me to a guide / hint how to do that?

I’m aware that I can do with my personal symbols whatever I want, but It’s much more fun to make symbols that the whole community can use.

Found it: Open the symbol editor, double click on a pin, and click on the arrow “alternate pin definitions”

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