"Multiple components have identical reference IDs of 'R'." while generating specctra.dsa

Getting a error while trying to get the specctra.dsn file generated.

"Multiple components have identical reference IDs of ‘R’

All the resistors HAVE had their reference designator assigned. However, the Netlist shows (for one of them:)

(comp (ref R15)
  (value 120)
  (footprint Resistors_ThroughHole:R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P7.62mm_Horizontal)
  (libsource (lib device) (part R))
  (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
  (tstamp 59740206))

The Component Properties has “Chip Name” which is that R. But, 1) it’s not a chip, and 2), there is enough info for me to know what that should be (ref desig, value, footprint.) What more would be needed? (And, IF I manually put some thing like, ‘Res, 1/8W 120’, it also would not be unique as there are several of the same on the board.)

How would I remedy this?


If you are worried about “(part R)”, it’s the library symbol, and it’s correct, don’t change it. The error message refers to the ref des.

There must be some other components causing the problem.

The ONLY thing with a stand-alone ‘R’ in it is the libsource (Lib device) (part R) in the netlist.

I really am stymied and stopped completely from using autorouter in this case. Does ANYONE have a hint for this? There are reference designators for everything else.


Export DSN works from the PCB (.kicad_pcb), not the netlist (.net) You need to look at the kciad_pcb file.

OK… Edited the netlist file and removed this:

(libpart (lib device) (part R)
  (description Resistor)
    (fp R_*)
    (fp R_*))
    (field (name Reference) R)
    (field (name Value) R))
    (pin (num 1) (name ~) (type passive))
    (pin (num 2) (name ~) (type passive))))

Now all is well.

I looked everywhere ion the schematic and cannot find this. I have no idea where it could be or why it comes up in the netlist generation. But, everything looks good, autorouter worked fine (albeit a little janky… but gets the job done and I am very thankful for those that put it together!)

Any tips for finding mysterious parts would be great.

As always… Thanks everyone!

The libpart block is normal
I would expect to see something like this above it:

(comp (ref R1)
(value R)
(footprint Resistors_THT:Resistor_Horizontal_RM10mm)
(libsource (lib device) (part R))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 59924F47)))

And after it something like;
(net (code 1) (name “Net-(R1-Pad1)”)
(node (ref R1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 2) (name “Net-(R1-Pad2)”)
(node (ref R1) (pin 2)))))