Multichannel project

i had create schematic file, and routed it in pcb. Then i had repeated the schematic channel, but how can i to duplicate a piece of pcb already routed?

I don’t find, how to anchor the routed items in PCBNEW manual.

(i mean the feature like existed in altium Designer - u can route some piece in the “room”, then make few duplicated rooms with the items and routes)

There exists an action plugin for this, see Replicate layout: Action plugin or


There are plans to get this functionality into v6, #1998, but it can’t help you right now. Until then the mentioned plugin is the solution.

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If I’m not missing something in what you want, it should be as Simple and ‘Copy & Paste’.

Below shows copying a circuit with parts (without the two corner holes) and Pasting multiple copies.

The ref point can be anywhere you want, it doesn’t really matter, a minute of trying different ref point’s will clear-up any confusion about that…

If there are items you don’t want copied, such as on Silk, Comments… simply Hide those layers before selecting what to copy or just copy the items you want.

You can paste into a New PCB, too…

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thanx, i’ll try it, just i’m not sure, that designators copied in PCBNEW will be accordingly netlist, consists of 3 channel eeschema.


If you place an Auxillary Ref on the PCB and use that as the Ref for copying and pasting, then all your copied elements will be just where you want them (as they were in the pcb they were copied from).

And, of course, select a similar Ref when pasting, if desired…

I’m clicking the lower corner of PCB shape as the Ref, in video

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i had think about it, but there are no difference between manual editing in a such case.
in any case, thanx for Ur advicement.