Multible copies of board in pdf-Output

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I found nothing about my question so here is my first post.

I need to create multible copies of a pcb that I created in KiCad. Usually I print out an Exposure template on my Laser printer and etch it. This works fine.

But now I need 50 copies of a pcb. I thought about printing multible copies of the pcb in one go - like 10pcs on one sheet.

Is this possible with KiCad?

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This is a bit outside the “official scope” of KiCad and overlaps with panelization.

There are a few ways that probably work though, but I suggest you start with making a copy of your project or a backup until you have some experience with this.

The simplest method is:

  1. Make a copy of your project.
  2. Start the PCB editor in “standalone” mode. It is in this mode when it is started without a project.
  3. Open the PCB of your project.
  4. Draw a big box around the whole PCB to select everything.
  5. Right Click and select: "Create from Selectrion / Create Array from the popup menu.
  6. Generate your output from the result.

Another method is to use Kikit. Kikit can be installed with the Plugin and Content Manager. I have not used this plugin myself, but it claims to be able to help with panelization tasks.

Thanks and I’ll try your suggestions. As I don’t need this feature everyday I probably go with the first version but I will also have a look at KiKit.


KiKit was the way to go

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