Multi-section symbol oddity

I am working with v7rc2 and fine-tuning and testing my library parts. They are all placed through a database but I don’t think that is relevant to this issue.

I placed a multi-section symbol in the schematic, updated the pcb and all is well. Then in the schematic I changed the ref-des of only one section (kinda seems like it should automatically change the other sections, but it didn’t):

Then, out of curiosity, I updated the pcb with the schematic in that goofy state and it added another footprint:

That’s not right… Do I just need to ensure that all ref-des on multiple-section symbols need to be updated together? It is easy enough, but seems like a change should propagate to all of the parts. My usual disclaimer: perhaps I am missing something.

At the moment, yes that is the case: you do have to make sure that your schematic is valid before updating the PCB.

However, it isn’t just left to you - if you run an ERC check (Inspect->Electrical Rules Checker… or simply press image in the task bar), you should see a warning like the one below (amongst likely other warnings):


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Not at all. When I have 2 ICs, for example for 8 op amps, 4 units each, I usually want to exchange one unit only for routing reasons.


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