Multi PCB using WRML export

Dear All,

I have a problem, with my project since I upgraded to KiCAD 7.
I have a communication PCB, wich will be connected to an other PCB, called ‘Connector PCB’.
The Connector PCB had been exported to VRML, and I want to use it for the communication PCB as an extra 3D model for a specified footprint.

This way worked well in the previous version.

Now, if I try to load the WRML model of the Connector PCB, in the 3D viewer I can’t see anything. If I generate STEP format from the Connector PCB, than it can load in the PCB viewer.
The generated WRML model can load to the FreeCAD well, but my problem, if I try to export it to WRML from the FreeCad, I can load in the KiCAD 3D viewer, BUT the electrical part 3D models are in an other point, out of the PCB layout.

The exported WRML model from FreeCAD:

The origial exported ConnectorPCB.wrl can’t loaded.

The Connetor PCB in the FreeCAD:

I want to creat this PCB layout, but the Connector PCB should to displayed in the original skin in the WRML not like in the STEP.

Because you already use FreeCAD I suggest using the StepUp workbench. You can import a board (.kicad_pcb file) there and export both VRML and STEP models which should be compatible with KiCad.


Thanks for your help eelik, but I found the problem. When I tried to export to WRML, the ‘WRML Units for Output Files’ setting was in meter, not in milimeter. So the exported WRML model I can use for an other PCB model to an additional PCB part :slight_smile: