Multi-part schematic symbol problem

I am trying to make a schematic symbol for the xc7a35t-1cpg236c FPGA from Xilinx. I created a multi-part symbol separating the Power, GPIO, Gigabit Transceiver and Config banks using Kipart. However, I have noticed that certain pins seem to share properties across the different sub-parts. For example:

Pin A9 should be GND but seems to respond to reflect changes in pin W19’s properties. If I change pin W19 to bi-directional pin A9 also changes to bi-directional even though it is supposed to be GND. Similarly, if I change pin A9 back to Power Input type, this change is also reflected in pin W19 which becomes power input. Is there anyway I can correct this behavior?

Thank You

Did you activate “edit pins per part/style”?

If not: That’s the problem. (With this deactivated you edit all pins sharing a position.)


Thank you so much @Rene_Poschl it worked!