Multi Multipart components on the schematic

How does it work, when I have multi Multipart component symbols on the same schematic?
Eg: if I have a MUX (with the selection on a different part) how do I know which “selection part” matches to which functional part?
Or can I only know that after I “Annotate schematic” ?

This is something I’d like to know, too. Because looking to the schematics file, the timestamps also don’t match since they are placed on different times.

I also have a feature request on this topic. We should be able to place sub parts one after another automatically (like placing part A, then right after that part B, without using the add parts window).

I’m using the KiCad development branch version, and when you place a multipart, it will automatically switch to the next part until you placed all the parts. So you can place once all parts after inserted it on the board.
But still… I don’t know if there is any relation. I noticed also the unique IDs are different…

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You will only know after you annotate. The timestamp ID refers to the symbol unit, not the component itself, so they will be different between units of the same component.

The reference will be assigned based on annotation order.

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Thanks @Seth_h!
Another question: What about Multipart on Hierarchical sheet?
Eg: A component has two parts. If I use one part in one sheet and other part in other sheet, will it result in one component or two(with 2 spare parts)?

Then it’s not merged to the stable branch. Maybe I should have to use development branch or daily snapshot, but that means too much compile time or download amount. Better wait for the stable :slight_smile:

Isn’t this behavior a little bit error prone? If I choose Y axis annotation over X, things could change drastically without noticing. Manual annotation could solve this but still, you can make a similar mistake again via clearing annotations.

By default, it will result in them being combined into one part (*) but you can overwrite this if you want (It is decided by the reference designator and that one can be controlled per instantiated sheet not just per file)

*) One assumption here: If the part allows for exchangeable units then the described behaviour is the default for annotation (you need to allow selection of units for this to work).
If the symbol has “all units are not interchangeable” selected then you will need to ensure that they get differing units by manually selecting it that way.

If you do this, you will want to assign the reference by hand. I was looking for the wishlist item that addressed this in GitLab but can’t find it offhand. There is a request to optionally allow this. Should be a good starter issue if anyone wants to dig into the annotation.

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