Moving track corners

Another beginner question:

Say I have a track on the top copper side which goes to a via, and then continues from the via on the bottom copper side. I want to grab at the same time (a) the end of the top copper track where it meets the via, (b) the via, and © the end of the bottom copper track where it meets the via, and move them all at once. How do I do that?

Ie I want to grab the via and move it, together with every track that is going to it.

Even simpler, if I have a track with a 45 or 90 degree bend in it, how do I grab the corner and move it?

Cannot seem to find a way of doing either? Possibly I’ve missed some shortcut key?

Hover over the via (or a corner) and press d to drag it, or g to grab it.

Drag keeps attached tracks at multiples of 45 degrees, while grab just moves the via and rubberbands the two attached track segments.

[Edit] 34 -> 45

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I think your fingers were off by one key on the number line of your keyboard. 45 I think is what you meant. :wink:

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It works! Thanks.

Which is odd, because it didn’t when I tried (both) previously. Not sure what I did wrong, need to investigate.

It even automatically splits a track when you put a via in it. Didn’t do that for me yesterday, either …

I’ll look into it, probably finger trouble…

Yes 34 degrees is a pretty odd number. I assumed you meant 45.

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