Moving the pin1 mark in the board



is there an easy way to move the pin1 mark during board layout?
I wish it could work in the same way as the designator.


Not possible directly from pcb_new.
You can start the footprint editor from within pcb_new and move the mark this way.


Yes, that means I cannot use the same part in several designs where I musst move the mark.
It’s an OFI. :slight_smile: (Oportunity for Improvement)


If you start the footprint editor from within pcb_new the footprint you can save the changes you made to the pcb_new header instead of saving them to the lib.

After discussing the feature request here you should inform the developers via the bugtracker that this request exists. (Only a handful of developers visit here regularly.)
For feature requests the bug needs to be marked as wishlist.
Search the bugtracker first if a similar request has already been made (If so simply mark the bug as “this affects me as well”. If your usecase is not described well, also add a comment that details why you think this feature is a good addition.)

Just a heads up, a feature request without a patch ready might take a while to be implemented. (A developer needs to be motivated enough to implement it.)

A change that requires changes to the file format (your suggestion definitely needs changes to the file format) will take even longer. (This is why i presented you with the workaround.)


Oh, Rene, yes that is what I need. If it’s possible that way, then it’s not a bug.
I can do footprints with pin1 mark in a "standard"position. If I use the footprint in one board where it requires to move the pin1 mark, then I can do it the way you explained. That’s great. Thank you.


What do you meand with “pin 1 mark” ?
Pin 1 is marked in different ways.
Sometimes pin 1 has a square pad or it has some extra lines drawn on the silk screen.
How would pin 1 ever move in the same footprint?


He means the pin 1 mark on silk. (only the mark not the pin itself.)

On the silk layer the pin 1 marker is by design outside the component. (Such that it can be seen with the component soldered to the board.) This is such that one can easily identify pin 1 during quality control, debugging, …

But if the marker is outside it might “collide” with nearby components. Or it might be even outside the board if the component is placed near the edge. (Happens a lot for connector footprints.)
For such a case it does make sense to move the pin 1 marker by a bit.


I meant in this case a small circle on the silk screen.


An easy hack would then be to just remove the pin 1 mark from the Footprint and just draw some text / lines directly on the silk screen.


Since I noted this, I always draw them as close as possible and as small as possible.


Be careful with circles on silkscreen, some Chinese fabs can’t do them.


Thank you, Elecrow, where I order mostly, can do them.


Eh, no.
They change fabs (at least in the past) on a whim and some of them can’t handle circles on silkscreen.
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt to prove it :wink:

PS: I changed all my pin 1 markers to rectangles because of that.


Hmm, wondering.
Just ordered a few weeks ago a board which have a circle as pin 1 mark. Check out U3 on this pictures.


One way to accomplish this is instead of adding a graphic circle to the silkscreen, add text lower case o. Then you can move it as you want.


Thats as well an good idea. I think this is the way I am doing it from now on. Very simple. Thanks.


And why not making 2 footprints? One with the circle and one with the line (or whatever marker it had before).

This way no previous layout is corrupted. For new designs, just choose the most suitable.


No need the layout won’t update the footprints unless you specifically tell Pcbnew to exchange (netlist read) or change (footprint properties) footprints. I would assume if you are actively reworking a board you would want the new footprints anyway.


It’s happen not very often. I think the option with the small letter o is the best and simplest. Will try it next time.
Making an extra footprint is also ok, but sometimes in an very tight population you see the right place for the mark when you layout the board, you move parts around and see what is its best position and so on and then the footprint is already createt at this time.