Moving from 5.1 to 6.0RC1. Should I delete old formats?

I’ve been using 5.1.x for a while now but a month ago or so I decided to move to 5.99 and now 6.0RC1 (Congrats BTW, it brought a smile to my face seeing Version 6.0 on the title bar).

As 5.99 has converted all my 5.1 files can I, or more importantly should I delete the older file formats?
any others?

Will these ever get used again? I know they don’t take up space, I just like to keep things tidy.

After a project has been converted to the new format you can delete the old files. I’ve done so several times myself.

But even so, make sure you have a decent backup strategy and the backups that go with it.


Thanks. I’ve got backups of all the files pre 5.99 so should be ok.

Makes note to check when backups last run :slight_smile:

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I wonder if the -cache.lib can be deleted. Is that also unneeded in v6?

Yes, the symbol cache is unneeded in v6. One of the important changes in the file format update is that symbols are now embedded in the schematic file itself. In v5 the cache file was kind of part of the schematic, yet an independent file in the file system, which lead to problems when people tried to share schematics; it would have needed sharing both together unless the library setup was the same between the original user and receiver.

When v6 opens a v5 schematic, it migrates from the old cache+schematic file to new schematic file. After that the old schematic and cache files aren’t used at all in v6.

That’s why I was thinking that file could go away too. Thanks!