Moving corner/single point of a wire

This is a real newbie question but I couldn’t find the answer after searching this forum or google.

Is it possible to move just a corner/intersection between two wires - i.e. making the other corners of the two wires stay put so that the wires become diagonal (or to fix a case where they are diagonal in the first place)? I see that you can actually do this when using “break wire” or to move a junction, but I can’t figure out how to select just the corner point and move that.

For example, how to i move the “kink” on the wire from pin 2 on this op amp without deleting any of the wires?

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 08.32.52

Hello & welcome @tysseng

Left mouse click to highlight a wire then hold left mouse key down and move mouse.
Left mouse click to highlight a wire then press “G” key then use mouse to guide.
Just hold mouse over wire and press “M” for move or “G” for drag.

There are several different moves but one should suit… experiment. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: There are many “Hotkeys” available for use with Kicad. M & G are just two. You will find them (with descriptions) at the top of your schematic page in Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys.

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Thank you @jmk - experimenting did the trick - I didn’t realise I have to press G BEFORE clicking or dragging, I tried selecting a point (left click) and then pressing G.

And to others reading this - hovering over the corner moves the just the corner, hovering over any other part of the wire moves … you guessed it … the whole wire :slight_smile:

Problem solved, life is a little better now :wink:



The longer way is to hover over the place in question and Right Click Mouse. This brings down a menu of what can be done, which includes Move and Drag with the associated hot keys along side. It is an easy way to find the hotkeys until they are memorized.

That goes for all hot-keys, I think.
You point with mouse (not clicking) and press hot-key you need.