Moving component with keyboard arrows causes the axis to freeze on mouse - Bug or feature?

I’m using v6.0.4 on Ubuntu and have come across a odd feature (or bug)

In PCB Editor, if I press M to move a component, and then use the arrow keys to move the component up or down, and the use the mouse to further move the component, its frozen on the x axis. I can move it up and down, but not left or right.

Likewise if I first move the component left or right with the keyboard it gets frozen on the y-axis and I can only move it left or right with the mouse.

When I first came across this I thought my mouse was stuck.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?

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This is a feature – you can lock the movement axis in this way to prevent unwanted movement in the other axis.

Thanks. Quite useful now that I know about it :slight_smile:

Indeed discovered this also recently.
Also if you want to join 2 graphic objects there is a short flash of a circle with a cross which helps in joining the objets together but it is sometimes not very well visible , I think there should be a “snap” that joins e.g. 2 lines and I think there is but it is not always working, at least not with Ubuntu or maybe I overlooked something, an audible “ping” would be nice… :wink:

FWIW, this was originally a bug (or at least an unintended side-effect). But we found it so useful that we redefined it to be a feature.


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