Moving around in PCB mode

It would be really nice for me to be able to move around in the PCB mode by simply having a hand icon like in something like Photoshop that you click on and it allows you to simply drag all around in the PCB to look at it. Would sure speed checking things out before final artwork production. Having to got out and drag the little bars on the side and bottom around is not nearly as easy.

Any chance of adding a feature like that if it doesn’t exist? I have not found it if it does.


Have you discovered that you can pan around by dragging with the middle mouse button and/or right mouse button, depending on your mouse settings? Works all the time, no need to switch to a separate tool.

You may find Preferences → Mouse and Touchpad useful.

When I first time run KiCad (2017) I at once noticed surprising behavior of mouse wheel. It took me few minutes to come to question - why in other programs I have never found so genius solution.Using only mouse wheel and no one button you can fast and easily reach any place at PCB in any scale.
Later I found here people asking how to switch it off as they can’t get used to it.
The key is that when you start rotating the wheel the place where the cursor is jumps to the screen center. So I rotate mouse wheel in one direction to see whole PCB, move cursor to place I am interested in and rotate wheel opposite to get it centered and as big as I want. Less then second is enough to see any place in any scale.
If the cursor position is not moved to center like those people prefer (it is possible to set it working that way) I never know where to place the cursor to get centered what I want.

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Thanks! I knew about the scroll wheel somewhat. I have found that if you continually rotate it back and forth a little, you can scroll anywhere without stopping. However, the way the right button works is just perfect for me! I definitely will be using that!


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