Moving a block of components

Is there a way to move a block of components in the layout, while keeping all the attached wires connected and resized? I have tried with copy, but it just moves all the segments without resizing them. And there is apparently no G command in laypout. G command works fine in schematic, so basically what I would need is the same in Layout. Is there an option somewhere to enable this feature?

I’m not sure why you would expect, or want, the copy command to resize something?

Thanks for your reply.
Here is a part of my layout. On the right, there is an STM32, and on the left, there is an SDRAM. You can notice that there is about 5mm (5 grids) of unused space, and the idea would be to move the SDRAM block to the right to save space. On this picture, I have selected the DRAM block with all components and related vias. As the wires linking it to the right are all horizontal, so that should be easy.
However, if I move the SDRAM block, the horizontal wires are not moved, so I expected them to be resized (their left part shortened). Acting as rubber bands until I finish the move. That’s what I meant by resize.
So is there a simple way to do that? I tried the G command that allows in schematic to move a block while keeping connections but there is no such command in layout.



Did you try “D” command?

Thanks for your reply.
I just tried to check whether there is a block drag option, but apparenty not (at least in the latest build I’m using) to drag a block. Works fine for individual tracks.

What version are you running? There’s definitely a drag block command in the nightlies. The hotkey is not D, although I don’t recognise the symbol so I’m not sure what it is.

He is talking about pcb new and you are answering with some feature in eeschema

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[Edit: legacy canvas has a drag footprint, but not OpenGL. Neither has a drag block.]

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The mysterious symbol is “Tab” of course, very useful. Drag block in pcbnew would be nice, I’m surprised it does not appear to be on the wishlist.

In another thread I said it’s one of my pet peeves (although I thought only about footprints, not larger selections) Kicad pet peeves. Later Andy_P answered (Kicad pet peeves) that “Dragging the traces along with a footprint is a great hypothetical idea, but you end up spending more time cleaning up the traces than you would just by redrawing them.” I don’t understand what he means. In the spesific use case of this thread it’s easy to see how it would just work.

But another thing is if something like this can easily be implemented. Several tracks at a time is completely different thing than one track. Each track/pad would affect each other and there could e.g. be endless loops. But if it can be done, it would really be a huge time saver in many situations.

Dragging footprints is on Tomasz’ TODO list (see comments at the end of [1]).

FWIW, I also logged it directly[2] in case anyone wants to track it.


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Thanks, I voted for the latter bug.

Yes, certainly not an easy feature to implement (maybe easy if you know how?). I would not expect to see it in v5.
I can’t really think of a simple method that might be useful and easier to implement.

The drag component in legacy canvas is of limited use apart from trivial cases.

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