Move value relative to footprint

KiCAD 5.1.10

How can I move the value of a footprint relative to it? If the footprint is selected, the value shows, but if I try to move it, I move the whole footprint - if the footprint is not selected, the value is hidden (only the ref designators show).

The above also happens if I create extra text items - if I use %R for the text, I can move it, if I use %V, it disappers when the footprint isn’t selected, and thus it can’t be moved.


First select the layer on which the “value” is shown.
That should put that layer on the top of the stack of layers and allow you to select only the text to move it.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help.

This is what it looks like with the footprint selected (“MOTOR” is the value):

If I try to move it, I move the whole footprint.
This is what it looks like when the footprint isn’t selected (“MOTOR” hidden):

Delete the word “Motor” and place it on a different layer?

Hi @jmatthiesen,

You did place your cursor over the word then right click your mouse and select move from the drop-down box?

I can add custom text items no problem, but as soon as it has the text “%V” in it (so it shows the symbol/footprint value), or it is the “Value” row itself, it is hidden when the footprint is unselected.

I can’t right click it because it’s hidden.

Can you post a part of the PCB with that footprint on it?

|Then I’ll have a look if something strange is going on.

You mean a “kicad_pcb” file?


And some *&^%$#@! to get over the 20 character *&^%$#@! limit.

Very strange!

Your footprint properties have three ticks and are on layers, f.fab & f.fab?

@paulvdh here you go…

I removed everything but the connectors, but the problem is still evident (e.g. with J201).hidden footprint value.kicad_pcb (203.2 KB)

Thanks for taking a look!

@jmk three ticks? I added some extra rows in the footprint properties while experimenting, is that what you’re referring to?


And I will go in reverse !@#$%^&* :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to the “Items” tab in the “Layers Manager” and then click on the checkbox in front of “Values” to make them visible.


@paulvdh thanks a lot, that did the trick!

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