Move pads freely

Hi everybody,
is there any way how to move pads of a component separately from each other?

Do you mean to make changes on the same, but individually footprint?
You are able to place a footprint from the library and then individually edit that footprint that you placed on PCB.
That way you can move the pads of the specific footprint.

Right click -> Footprint -> Edit (shortcut E)

Its up to you but this is not a good approach in general.


A side node: This screenshot is taken in the legacy/default canvas. It will look slightly different in open gl. (Edit footprint is not in a sub menu there.)
In open gl the shortcut ctrl+e directly opens the footprint editor.


Edit footprint Properties (OpenGL)/Parameters (Legacy) -> Move and Place -> Free. (In pcbnew after the footprint has been placed there.)