Move pad position in existing footprint

Starting from the footprint of a Capacitors_THT:CP_Radial_Dx.0mm_Px.00mm , I would like to modify the footprint by simply spreading the pads further away. For instance because the capacitor has a diameter of 6mm but also a wire pitch of the same distance of 6mm. Therefore, the pads need to be moved to the outer circumference of the body.

The problem is that the pad is apparently moving behind the full half blue circle of the capacitor body symbol.
First I would like to know how to fill up the black area where the pad originally was located.
Secondly I need to put the pad on top (on the foreground) of the capacitor body symbol, i.e. the full half blue circle.
Any hints or links are much appreciated.

I took a capacitor closest to what you want: Capacitors_THT:CP_Radial_D10.0mm_P5.00mm and then moved the right pad a bit:

The blue half-moon is the drawing for the Silkscreen: F.SilkS.
You can easily verify that by turning checkbox in the layers manager on the right side of the screen off.

The blue Half moon is just graphics, and can be edited as such.
An attempt to do so however reveals that the silkscreen of these capacitors is of a particularly bad design. The “half moon” is made from lots of overlapping line segments:

You would probably be better of to delete all these overlapping vertical lines, and then draw a polygon, or just make a new footprint from scratch.

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