Move or delete rows of BGA in footprint editor

I have a BGA that is 7 columns 6 rows. I did this in the footprint wizard inputting the parameters. This gave me all the rows together in the centre of the package rectangle. what I need to do is split the array so half the rows are at the top of the rectangle and half at the bottom.
That is 3 at top, 3 at bottom with effectively 11 empty/blank rows in between.
So my question is, is there a way of splitting my BGA in half and moving them apart?

This is very easy to do if know how to do basic editing in the footprint editor. There’s no need to automatize every detail. Selecting and moving a group of pins takes maybe ten or thirty seconds, a bit more if you have to tune the grid first.

I realised the answer is to use ‘export to footprint editor’ tab (i was in file/create footprint to begin with to make the above) then features can be selected, grabbed and dropped where I want them.

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I have used the wizard so rarely that I didn’t remember it may be necessary to open it in the editor as a separate step.

Thanks. quite right about grid tuning there. which is one thing I noted that might be helpful to anyone with similar problem - was that the array was centered ‘off-axis’ to the grid i.e. when I went to move the rows up or down in my grid which was in 1.27mm increments the first row was half way before or after the grid dot, I found the solution was simply to half the grid spacing to 0.635 and i could get it in the right place then.

Put some time into getting familiar with drawing arrays of pads.
If you select a pad, [Right Click] and select Special Tools / Create Array you have a lot of options for numbering your pads.

You can select alphabet or numerals (& more) for both primary and secundary axis, start values and many more options. With a few mouse clicks I generated a pad array numbered from F42 through M46 with the settings shown in the screenshot.

You can also enter negative distances which simply results in your array being drawn as mirrored, including the pad numbering

thanks for that, in my rush i forgot to give the pads the labels i would want for them!

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