Move footprints using keyboard arrow keys?

Does the KiCad 6 PCB editor provide a way to move footprints using keyboard arrow keys? If so, how?

Yes it can, and it’s trivially simple to find out.
I am confused that you have to ask.
Many tasks can be done in KiCad with the keyboard.

To move a footprint in the PCB Editor with the keyboard, just use the arrow keys to get the cursor above the footprint, then press m to move, and then press more arrow keys.

Keyboard navigation also works nicely in other parts of KiCad. In the schematic editor for example I sometimes use it to modify a whole column of labels. Pressing the down arrow twice is easier and quicker then first grabbing your mouse just to move the cursor the same distance.

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See also the list of hotkeys under Preferences / Hotkeys - there is a long useful list.

Thank you paulvdh, that works great.

Is there a way to use the mouse to move a footprint on the y-axis while not moving it on the x-axis? That is, move the footprint vertically but not horizontally?

Shift+Space (during the move-action) switches between unrestricted <–> H/V/45° restricted movement.

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