Move footprint only works orthogonally and diagonally and other weird issues in V5.99

For some time I can only move footprints horizontally, vertically and diagonally in the PCB Editor of KiCad-nightly V5.99.

I can not find a setting to turn this back to normal move.
Even more weirdly, If I hover over a footprint and press d for drag instead of m for move, then I can still move (drag) a footprint in all angle mode.

Another very weird issue is that the function of PCB Editor / View / Drawing Mode / Sketch Text Items inverts every few days. Sometimes text is fat when the checkbox is off, other times it’s fat when the checkbox is on. I’ve even created an issue for this but it got closed because it’s both very minor, difficult to diagnose and it disappeared on it’s own. This morning it appeared again, and the last few hours it works again as expected.

This “Sketch text thickness” is not so important, but the 8 direction move limit is extremely annoying.
Is it a user setting or a bug?
Has any of you seen this too?
Any Ideas how to fix it?


Thank you very much.
After two days of annoyance and confusion I can sleep well tonight after a [Shift + Space].

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