Move footprint NOT from (0,0)

Hello everyone,

When I select a footprint and press ‘M’ the footprint jumps to the (0,0) position of the footprint. I would need to move the footprint along the outer boundary instead of the center of the footprint.

is it possible to move a footprint at the current position (e.g. end of the line of F.Silk in the footprint)?

  1. Select item (block, whatever).
  2. Right Click and: Special Tools / Move with Reference
  3. Choose any reference point on the PCB you like.
  4. Move and place object.

There is no ‘move with reference’ in the toolbox

Using Kicad 5.1.6-1 on Win10

This is why:

KiCad V5.1.6 is very old.

A few weeks ago KiCad V6.0 was released, and it has about 3 years of development, improvements,extensions and bug fixes in it.

This website has a quite good overview of changes:

If you want to stick to KiCad V5 for some reason, then at least upgrade to V5.1.12. Bumps in the third number are bug fixes only and upgrades should always be safe.

Ah, ok. I glanced at the changes from 5 to 6 and will upgrade, both on the Win10 and my main Ubuntu machine.

Hopefully my libraries and old projects survive this.

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Projects should import without any problem.
All that is required is to open a project (and schematic and PCB) in KiCad V6
For a full conversion they do need some cleanup, for example, the old project and schematic are left behind, and can be deleted after the conversion. The [Project]-cache.lib can also be deleted.

A full conversion also requires some library management. KiCad can read old libraries, but (at least I think so) can not write to it. The process is easy though, there are “Migrate” buttons.

And as always, you should also have a decent backup strategy in working condition.

You will have to install and migrate your personal libraries via your library manager and make sure you answer YES to installing Kicad libraries during the installation process.

I will put this topic on ice and create new questions regarding migration and installation from 5 to 6

With the newest version (Kicad 6) ‘move to reference’ is on the toolbox. Thanks for the help

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