"Move exactly" for block selection in pcbnew?

I’ve noticed, when I right-click on a footprint in PCB new, one of the context menu options is “Move exactly”, which raises a “Move item” dialog, where one can enter “Move vector.x” and “Move vector.y” as numbers.

Is there something similar for a block selection? I can make a block selection with left mouse button; then upon left button release, press Enter to accept defaults of Block Operation; then do a right-click to get a context menu, where I see entries like “Place block”, but nothing like “Move exactly”.

So, while “Move exactly” might not exist for a block selection - is there possibly an equivalent for it?

Move exactly works for block select. At least in 4.0.6 (and a two year old nightly) under the open gl canvas.
Edit also tested it under 4.0.7 and it seems to work there as well. (Even with locked footprints, after telling kicad that it is ok to move locked footprints.)


I can confirm it works with a recent daily build (actually self-compiled up-to-date git version) in opengl canvas. But not in old legacy canvas! So you have to change View->OpenGL Canvas or press F11 first.

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Thank you @Rene_Poschl and @eelik - indeed, it (“move exactly” for block select) is there in OpenGL Canvas.

I forgot to say I’m using Version: (2017-11-13 revision d98fc85)-master, release build - and I was using the Legacy Canvas, which is why I didn’t see this option.

Thanks again!